Customer Reviews

Excellent product under a warm shirt for my husband who spends a lot of time outdoors In Tennessee winter weather. This particular weight is great under clothes for layering but not on bitterly cold days. Nice fit and launders well.


This is a really good shoe to wear around the house. It was cold inside and as soon as I put these on, I felt extremely relaxed and warm. The color combination is amazing, but I am partial to blue. I like the bottom because it breaks the monotony of an all blue shoe. If you are looking for a comfortable shoe when you get home, these are for you.

John Carter


After researching this web site the correct size by using the size compare tool which allows you list current size brand you currently use and have, I ordered the size recommended. It came in way too small in width and sized. The good thing with Zappos there is a no hassle return policy.



Stylish and comfortable boot, that I really liked. . . until they started to fall apart after only a few times wearing them. The hooks for the upper lacing fell off one by one over the course of a few days. There’s hardly any stress on them at that location so it all points to shoddy workmanship.

Austine Doe



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