The brand

Authenticity, comfort, luxury, significant class and creating desire that’s what describes Jeunes Gens. From a young age, Rood Maldini found his passion in creativity by fashioning immortal pieces where people can relate and tell a story. Grow up in cap-haitian Haiti, Move to the us with the vision of sharing his design with the world, where He can showcase his culture throughout his design and making his name in the fashion industry in the US. ‘Jeunes gens’ is a French word which means ‘Young people’. Meaning no matter how old you are you can still look like a Jeunes gens based on your appealing style. Jeunes gens is a European brand, our factories are located in Spain and Italy.
His mission is to offer the utmost shoes quality suits, shirts and accessories at a reasonable price. Shop with us be like a Jeunes Gens



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